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Hi, I'm Mike Reinold and I'm Erson Religioso III, welcome to the best deal in IASTM. 
IASTM Technique 2.0
9 hours of content, viewable anytime, anywhere just $199.99!
Continuing education workshops cost hundreds of dollars. Watch our lectures, demonstrations, live cases, and treatment integration.
Why wait for continuing education to come to your area?
Here's What Other People Are Saying:

Chris Johnson, PT - Zeren PT and Performance

"When I learned that Mike and Erson were teaming up to develop an online educational project related to IASTM, I immediately knew that it afford clinicians a prime opportunity to learn about IASTM from two seasoned physical therapists. Between their combined clinical experience, passion for teaching, and track record as clinical educators, anyone who has the opportunity to learn from them is strongly encouraged to do so. The bottom line is that when they discuss IASTM, you can be assured that you are going to learn effective techniques that are taught in a simplified manner that will undoubtedly improve your clinical outcomes while sparing your hands."

Joshua McFarren ​ PT, OCS, COMT, FAAOMPT, Chicago Manual Therapy

"So far my last 5 treatments since finishing the course material have been extremely effective . I hand modified my strokes, changed fascial release patterns and been able to identify bone, tone and fascia a bit more specifically. No kidding after just learning from your series every treatment feels a bit more effective." 

Steven Capobianco DC, DACRB, CCSP - Project Move

"What can say about two, true, educator and leaders in the field of movement medicine. Both Drs. Religioso III and Reinold have been integral contributors to my understanding of pain and movement science. They seem to, seamlessly, integrate the science and practice of movement correction into manageable servings that can be digested and implemented in our clinics. In addition, these two giants are more than approachable which brings a more personal touch to their education. I want to thank them for that."

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Learn soft tissue patterns, basic, advanced techniques, and movement pattern integration
Why you need to use IASTM
IASTM Saves Your Hands
Using your hands for manual therapy like joint mobilizations, pin and stretch techniques, and general soft tissue mobilization can cause fatigue first, and overuse second. Using the ergonomic, lightweight, stainless steel EDGE Mobility Tool will save your hands, and enhance your treatments.
IASTM Stimulates the Brain
Manual therapy is an evidenced based treatment that works well for many conditions like low back pain, neck pain, headaches, TMD, knee pain, shoulder pain and more. IASTM works by lightly scraping the skin to stimulate the nervous system in reducing tone/tension, and improving mobility and therefore function.
IASTM Restores Function
As part of a comprehensive in clinic and home treatment program, IASTM can prepare the nervous system and joints to move and accept load. IASTM has less contraindications than joint mobilizations, and can be used post operatively and integrates well with other manual therapies and exercises.
A live version of this workshop costs over $500, not factoring in travel and time. Our seminar gives you everything you need to get started in IASTM.